Hello my beautiful people,

Last time we interacted I wrote a blog about all my self discoveries, and the hardships I was going through. On “Take Charge”, I wrote about things we can do to take control over our lives by making small decisions that make a big impact in our lives. I have been MIA for a while in somewhat “typical Jenny” kind of fashion.

I decided to follow my plan, or should I say follow my own advice. I let go of toxic relationships (friends, coworkers, and relatives). I decided to take care of my health, and learning to love myself every step of the way. It may sound easy to some, but when you have been brainwashed to try to fit some type of beauty standard all of your life…it’s truly one of the hardest things to do. I will be lying if, I said it’s not something I’m still working on.

Consider this my follow up, here is what I have found since following my own advice. I learned that by learning to love myself in every aspect I also allowed myself to be loved by those around me. I let go of having too much pride (still tries to take over at times) that now I let friends and family know when I need their help or time. Most importantly I stopped trying to take control of things I have no control over, and decided to fully trust God in those things I cannot. I learned my love languages, so now I know what is important for me in my relationships. This also allowed me to let myself fall in love with someone other than myself.

I have realized that what you put out in to the universe is what will come back to you. In my last post I spoke about happiness being a choice, and trust me when you realize that it changes EVERYTHING. Every decision I started making since I wanted change revolves around “happiness”, and “will this make me happy?”.

I took a big risk this year. I was somewhere really draining for 3+ years, the only reason I stayed was because I was comfortable. I kept hearing that I couldn’t find a better place to be then there. That “I would never find those benefits anywhere else”, so I stayed. I listened to everyone and was truly unhappy. It was a toxic relationship. It was even starting to affect my health. I would get anxiety, and I felt my blood pressure rise. I finally asked myself, “will staying make me happier than leaving?” When I knew the answer, I took action. I didn’t even look back.

Now, I’m 10 pounds lighter from working out everyday. Stress-free from leaving a comfortable place, and excited about starting a new refreshing challenge ahead. I am happy because I choose to be happy despite little bumps on the road, because you don’t park your car when you reach a speed bump you just proceed with caution (or full speed ahead! It’s your car not mine lol I mean life). I also chose love. To love and be let loved.

Every morning, I made it a thing to wake up and thank God for at least three things that I’m grateful for, and pray for the things (or people) that I have had on my mind that are out of my control. Today, I’m grateful for another day of life, my family (friends and Neymar 🐕 included, and for love.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️


Savage X Fenty Review

The votes are in, and a lot of you voted on my IG stories that you wanted a review on the items I purchased from Savage X Fenty. If you haven’t heard, Rihanna came out with an online lingerie line that is taking the lingerie business by storm. I don’t know if any of you have had the chance to watch the Fashion Show on Amazon Prime yet, but if you haven’t do it now.

I was always curious when seeing the ads of how the lingerie would look on, or in person I just never pulled the trigger. After watching the fashion show, I knew I had to try it. First off you might think, “how does it work?”. Well, Savage X works like other online membership stores like Just Fab, Fabletics, Shoe Dazzle, etc. You sign up for a membership, and pay a monthly fee. That monthly fee is a credit that you can apply to your purchases, and if you don’t want to buy anything that month you can skip the month. You can also cancel it anytime.

When ordering online I always make sure to look at the sizing chart. For bras, I always take my own measurements to make sure that they’ll fit. What I didn’t do was, read the reviews where some people thought the underwear ran a little small. I had already placed my order, so I thought “f*ck it! If they don’t fit I’ll just get the next ones one size up.” I think for the most part they are true to size. I usually wear a medium, and at first you might think they’re a little snug, but the fabric is stretchy so once you wear them they’ll fit fine. I recently just ordered some in a large to see the sizing difference, so I’ll update this post when I find that out.

Savage X Fenty Underwear

What I LOVE about the underwear is that, once you remove the tags inside the underwear (I like that even the tags say they are supposed to be removed) they are not only comfortable, but very sexy!! Which is rare for me to say. Especially, if you’ve read my last blog post you would know I was not feeling myself like that. When I put this underwear on, I feel like one of the models from the show *flips hair*.

Top: Unlined Leopard Print Bra
Bottom: Strapless Bra

Now to my favorite part, the bras!! Omg these bras are amazing. I used to always dream of feeling free, and going braless. The only thing stopping me was gravity, but this unlined bra from Savage X will make give you that no bra feel!! It is my favorite, and I have ordered more. There is no padding but I got the underwire there for the support I need. Bras are true to size.

I wanted to show you all the details on the strapless bra. It comes with grip on the sides to make sure your bra isn’t sliding down every time you move, and the back comes with four hooks. This strapless bra is a game changer, for anyone who struggles with keeping theirs up. It also comes with removable straps in case you needed extra support.

I hope you found this review helpful, and if you have any questions please feel free to comment.

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Take Charge ⚡️

Good morning sunshines,

How does it make you feel to read that in the morning? Does it make you feel optimistic, and put a smile on your face? Or does it make you want to roll your eyes, because you haven’t had your coffee yet? It’s all about perspective. You decide on how you want to read this message.

Photo Edit by Jesse Soto from Jexse Studios

The older I get the more I have learned about myself. About who I want around me, the energy and vibes that it gives me being around certain people. Happiness is a choice. That sentence is a common topic I have been reading, and hearing about. “Happiness is a choice”, it stuck to me. Now I can’t get that sentence out of my head. How do you choose to be happy? I have recently learned that the answer is, changing myself then my environment.

The first step for me taking charge of my life, and the energy around me was to evaluate my situation. Before I could work on myself, I needed to know what were the problems I would have to solve. I asked myself the following questions, “Why am I feeling how I’m feeling?”, “What can I do to change it?”, “Who is going to stop me?”, and most importantly “How am I going to change it?”.

For the last couple of months, some of you probably have noticed my online presence hasn’t been as active as it used to be. The truth is, I wasn’t feeling like myself. I was an emotional rollercoaster, and I still feel like I’m getting myself together. Fellas y’all might not get me on this one, but Ladies you will. See, I was on the pill, and I didn’t expect it would have all the side effects on me that I thought it would. All I heard when I got on it was, “it will clear acne, and reduce periods” as a woman it was all I needed to hear to get on it. Unfortunately, thats not how it went down for me. (Disclaimer: not everyone has the same side effects as me please consult with your doctor as I’m not yours).

Instead, I gained weight, became self-conscience, and my hormones caused my emotions to be a hot mess. I realized that I wasn’t acting like myself. At moments I would even think to myself, “Why am I feeling like this?”, and “Why can’t I stop crying?”. The moment I answered those questions I knew I had to take action. For my own health. Not only did I decide to get off the pill, but that day I also chose to be happy. I decided that I don’t ever want to feel that way again, and won’t let anything or anyone take that from me.

Once you take charge of your situation everything falls into place. You’ll start tackling your goals, and getting over fears/doubts. I set a goal for myself this year, I have been putting off for the longest! You’re going to laugh when I tell you what it is, to ride a bike!! An actual bike, not a spinning class one. I used to ride them all the time as a kid, but as an adult I lost practice. It was like starting all over. I even bought a bike, so that I could force myself to riding one more often. Life is short, and I told myself I’m not ready to leave this planet until I can ride a bike around my city (OK,OK,OK, maybe just like a critical mass or something). After writing all my goals down from biggest to smallest ( it’s easier for me to write my big goals first), I realized something. The people around you matter, their vibes when you tell them about your dreams/goals/problems matters. We hate to admit it, but other people’s reaction to us effects us.

The truth is that as much as we would like to, we can’t change other people. We can’t make them see the world in a way we do, because they are living in their own world. In their world, they probably view us as not understanding them either. Which is why it is wise to communicate with people, especially those we love. We might not see eye to eye often, but if you chose to have any type of relationship with someone (whether it’s friends, co-workers, family, etc.) empathy and communication are required. I one time read somewhere that, you should not allow yourself to be an emotional garbage can. That means, someone who gets all the negative emotions poured on them by everyone.

Eventually, you will be doing the same to other people and it will be a domino effect. I’m not telling you to stop talking to people about what is going on in your life whether it’s good or bad, but what I am telling you is that you should also ask them about their good/bad too. There aren’t any one way streets in healthy relationships. I am blessed enough to surrounded by a great support system. When I told them what was going on in my life, not only did they listen, but they were quick to make a plan to help me out. They didn’t even ASK! They were just waiting for me to communicate with them on what was going on.

I was the person stopping myself from getting better. That was something hard for me to admit. I thought I could handle everything on my own, and that no one would notice what was going on inside. I let go of myself, and started to distance myself from people even if they were right there in front of me. I was too busy in my own head trying to figure myself out. I had stopped going to the gym, because I was self-conscience and mentally exhausted from overthinking. Which led to more weight gain! Reading that sounds silly to me now, but I had trapped myself in my own bad thoughts.

When I decided to take charge of my life again, I started to think of the question “how?”. How am I going fix this? I already figured out the problems, so now it was time to think of my solutions. It was like being in elementary school working on a science project, but this time my life was the project.

Weight gain? Go to the gym and have a balanced diet.

Negative minset? Change the books, music, podcasts, shows, and the people that surround you.

Soul is hungry? Go to church, read the Bible,meditate, or travel. Even helping others feeds the soul! Go to lunch with those who inspire you, and feed off of each other. Whatever works for you.

Who is going to stop me? NO ONE! the only person that can sabotage your plans is yourself.

There are many things in life we cannot control, but the one thing we can control is ourselves. How we react in our circumstances, and what we choose to do with our problems. What are you going to do today to get you closer to where you want to be in life? Whether it’s emotional, physical, or spiritual.

I know this post was way more personal than some of my other posts, but writing to me isn’t just something I do because it’s trending. Writing for me is therapy, and if someone out there is going through something similar I want you to know that you’re not alone, and we’ll get through it together 🙂 I’m still on my path, and don’t worry I’ll stay posted.

Until next time,


(I think after this post y’all know me well enough to call me that)

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Ballin on a Budget 🏀💵

Checking my budget twice.

Has there been a moment in your life where you finally have the money to get what you’ve always wanted, but something is holding you back from living your best life? I know you might be thinking, “Yea, it’s called being an adult!” I wasn’t born in a life of luxury (not that I’m complaining), and it was engraved in my head growing up to not to “desperdiciar el dinero” (aka don’t waste/miss-use money).

That is why I have the hardest time when it comes to purchasing a luxury item with a bigger price tag. Don’t get me wrong saving is great, but if you work hard why not treat yourself every once in a while without the guilt? You deserve it!

Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Card Case

That doesn’t mean you have to go broke either, to get your luxury item. There are ways you can buy resale luxury items. You can buy them from someone you know, thrift stores, and resellers. Just make sure you do your homework before buying.

Louis Vuitton Amazon Monogram Crossbody Bag

First, find out if the place you are purchasing that item (or items, I’m not judging) from is legitimate. Do your research! Second, read their reviews and make sure they are also legitimate people making the reviews. Finally, now that you’ve done your homework go ahead and treat yourself. You’ve been eyeing that bag, so buy it.

I have purchased three of my High End bags from Her Authentic on IG. They are resellers to some amazing bags, and the owner has some really good finds at reasonable prices. It’s super easy to purchase from them. That’s a place I would definitely recommend all first timers on purchasing resale items to check out.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

Here is why you should go for the luxury item instead of the 10 less expensive bags:

Reason #1- It will last longer. Most luxury items are made of better quality products that with the right care could last a lifetime.

Reason #2- They are made in limited quantities, and they are unique pieces.

Why is that important?

Louis Vuitton Noé Monogram Bag

Reason #3- As apposed to the 10 other bags, because of the fact that they are unique and luxury items it is rare for them to lose value, and if you take really good care of them you can always resale them for a price close to what you originally paid when you purchased them.

Now you can have that bag, and still have money in it! (Maybe to shop some more lol)


Let’s talk Podcasts

If you are so bored of your playlists, and at this point you know every song in your playlist at the top of your head. Then, this is is the blog post for YOU.

There is literally a podcast about everything, and anything!

From motivational/inspirational/feel-good to creepy/eerie/suspenseful. I jump from one type of podcast to another, but lately I’ve been on this true crime podcast binge. If you could tell from the picture above most of them are in that category. Sometimes they can be a little too much, and I’ll switch it up to a lighter themed podcast. Just to have that break, or “comic relief” in between. If you haven’t listened to any podcasts, but you want to without knowing where to start I’ll list some of my favorite ones down below by category.

True Crime

This has been my favorite, and go to category. Not because I like serial killers, but because it seems interesting/crazy how the mind of other people work. Also, it teaches you a lot about the justice system and how it differentiates between people. I’ll let you come up with your own conclusions, and ideas (please share your thoughts with me). One of the main reasons I love these podcasts is that I’ve shared them with friends, coworkers, and family to the point it’s become like a book club.

Here is how I would describe them:

  • Casefile– a podcast that talks about various crimes and serial killers with a glimpse of their upbringing.
  • Over My Dead Body– a divorce gone bad. This case proves that fact is stranger than fiction.
  • Serial Killers– the title says it all. These are stories of serial killers, their victims, and how everything led to that point.
  • Up and Vanished– This one was the one that started my binging on true crime podcasts. Listen to the story of Tara Grinstead, so that we can talk about it. The host of the podcast is amazing, and it will make you feel like you are part of the mission to solve this case.


These ladies make me feel like I’m talking to my girls while I’m at work. They honest, hilarious, and some a little raunchy (like myself 😂).

Here is how I would describe them:

  • WHOA That’s Good ft. Sadie Robertson– I love this podcast, because she is so sweet, has inspirational guests, she talks about Jesus, and I love when she calls her mom to share advice she’s been given.
  • Why won’t you date me? With Nicole Byer– In this podcast Nicole Byer (from the show Girl Code) asks guys she’s been with/and or messed with, why they haven’t dated her. She also asks her close friends why they think she is undateable. Pretty much she has the balls to ask the question most single girls would like to ask those in their life.
  • Anna Farris is Unqualified– Anna Farris has her friends come over to her podcast, and talks about all kind of topics. Makes you feel like your having drinks with friends, and having genuine conversation. Listen to the one with Chelsea Handler and Tiffany Haddish.


If you like to multitask, this is the category for you.

Here is how I would describe them:

    • StarTalk Radio with Neil Degrasse Tyson– NDT talks science and astrophysics has special guests like Bill Nye.
    • CoffeeBreak (Italian)– I used this podcast to learn Italian phrases before going on my euro trip. It was perfect because while I worked I would put my headphones on, and repeat after them. Which totally made me look crazy at work speaking to myself in Italian, but I learned a lot.
    • TED Radio Hour– Have you watched TED Talks? This is the podcast version. They have guest speakers on all topics. You’re bound to learn something new.
    • LORE– Is a podcast about the origin of Folklore from different countries, and even tells you about how different sayings came about. They even made a show about it on Amazon Prime. Completely recommend to those of you that are curious about things, and ask things like “I wonder who came up with this saying?”

Well, I hope you find some podcasts you might be interested in checking out. If you listen to any of the ones that I’ve listed, let me know! Comment here or any of my social media to let me know what you thought of them.

Side note: All of the pictures above are the covers to the podcasts. They are not my own art work they were found on Spotify, and are on here for the sole purpose to help you find the podcasts.

Till next time,


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Spring Cleaning Life

Spring is known for the season for blooming flowers, and cleaning (hence the term “spring cleaning”). If you are Catholic, it’s also around/during lent. Forget starting New Years resolutions, this is the perfect time to bloom your ideas and projects. Usually, people give up something for lent that is hard for them to give up for the next 40 days leading up to Easter. Last year, I gave up meat for the full 40 days. It was tough, and decided not to do that one again. If you don’t do lent, that’s fine you can still use spring as a way to get rid of the negative, and bring out the positive vibes.

Instead of giving up something this year, I decided to add good habits to my life for the next 40 days. Good habits that are hard for me to keep up with, and would require some kind of time sacrifice. I don’t know about y’all, but me personally the hardest thing for me to give is my time (even giving myself time). I’m considering that starting these good habits will be a type of “spring cleaning” of my life. Also, one lent two years ago I gave up social media, and came back 40 days later with this blog.

This spring means business for me. I’m going all in. Like I said, instead of giving up something to eat I’m going to add these positive habits in to my routine for the next 40 days and hopefully build a habit enough to keep it for the rest of the year.

Here is my list of good habits I’m adding:

-Workout 5x a week (something that does my body good, but requires me to make time for it. Usually after work I’m exhausted, and all I want to do is sleep.)

-Read 10 pages on a book everyday

-Do a blog post once a week.

I’m looking forward to adding these few positive habits to my everyday life. I know in the long run will become long term positive outcomes.

Here are some ideas of things you can add to your spring:

    -Surround yourself with positive people
    -Do random acts of kindness
    -Tell people you care about you love them more often (life is short)

What positive habits are you adding to your life this spring? Let me know comment below.

    I hope to hear from y’all soon,


    P.S- let me know of anything you would like for me to post about.

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    Hair- @mqdesigns_

    MUA- @touchofartistrymakeup

    Photographer- @jexsestudios

    Thank you

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    Travel Thursday: Part V- New Orleans⚜️

    There is one place that steals a bit of my heart every time that I go, it’s like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. You go following the white rabbit, because you want to know where it’s going. Eventually you start finding one interesting thing after the other, that you forget what you were chasing and enjoy the journey.

    Let’s start from the beginning, the first meal I had when getting to New Orleans was right in the middle of the street. When you see a BBQ pit and a line of people, you don’t question it. You just go. I wish I could remember the name of their business, but I could tell it is family owned. Look for the Jamaican flags and a BBQ pit. You can’t miss it. If you love food with a kick (like I do) order the Jamaican Sausage with Crack n’ Cheese.

    PO Boys are a must when in New Orleans the Shrimp PO Boy is from Daisy Dukes express, and if you want to try the Pork Belly PO Boy you’ll really have to go down the rabbit hole. This place is hidden behind a bar that doesn’t have a sign of the restaurant outside. I could tell you where it is, but what would be the fun of that? The point of going somewhere new is getting lost, and discovering new places as you make it to your destination.

    The Camellia Grill is the definition of southern hospitality. You feel it as soon as your welcomed in, and smell their delicious food.

    What gets more southern than a buttered pecan pie with blue bell ice cream on top? Nothing. If you don’t go on your next visit to New Orleans, you’ll really be missing out. I loved the place so much I decided to buy the shirt, and do a photoshoot with it on.

    Not in the mood for a full meal, but more like a good coffee and some good conversation? Maybe even a donut?

    District Donuts is the place. I haven’t had any donuts like theirs. I know what y’all are thinking, how can you say that when we have Shipley’s?

    That’s why! Look at these donuts! They have flavors that are so delicious they’ll make you want to drive hours to get to them. My absolute favorite is the blueberry cheesecake donut. I can’t promise you they’ll have that flavor when you go, because they change their flavors daily. Makes it even more exciting to try.

    Want to feel luxurious while drinking champagne, or a white lady (cocktail)? Then, head over to The Monteleone. This beautiful hotel is home to a carousel bar. It’s something you must experience, and although seating is limited on the carousel bar it is worth the wait. Also, if you are looking for some paranormal experiences while in New Orleans make sure to ask your bartender for some personal experiences while working there. I’m sure they’ll have some good ones.

    Walk around the French Quarter to look at window displays that show you inside Art and Fashion studios, or for the ultimate bad ass girl gang feel step into a boutique named Miette on Magazine St. (near district donuts). You will find items I haven’t seen anywhere else, and to be honest it’s awesome to just be in there. They have awesome home decor, and accessories. A lot of locally made jewelry, so if you’re looking for a meaningful and unique souvenir stop here.

    Other places to visit in New Orleans…

    • Tabasco Store
    • Cafe Du Monde
    • Marie Laveau’s Voodoo Shop (If you’re into that)
    • The Ruby Slipper Café

    The best thing you can do is walk around and get lost. If you get lost while hungry, a good tip to go by is to check the crowd at the restaurant. 9 times out of 10 if a place is empty during peak hours like lunch and dinner it is not good (walk away), but if it is full and you notice more locals than tourists (this is where you want to be) stop there. I hope next time you’re in New Orleans you think of this blog post, and let me know if you visit any of these spots. As always a pleasure talking to y’all, feel free to comment, share, and/or like!