Welcome to the Jungle

The Jungle Gym that is! I’m always on the hunt for good workout leggings. Let’s be real, it is SO hard to find the right ones. When you do they probably cost an arm and a leg. If they are cheap then you most likely wouldn’t do squats in them, because they are see through. 🤦‍♀️ It happens! 

These leggings are by Mossimo, and they have became my new favorite athletic wear piece. They are my three favorite things cute, comfortable, and cheap ($14) . I put these bad boys to the test. One Tuesday night, I took them to No-Gi BJJ, and if they can survive that class without ripping they can survive anything. 

Then, I took them to the jungle gym. I figured if I can bring out my inner child it would definitely be a good test. Be warned, you’re about to see me at my most.

The Verdict: I can tell that after a couple of washes they might not be too durable, but with the proper care these leggings are well over worth the price. 

I even went rock climbing in them! By rock, I mean literally one small rock 😂

Shoes: Nike, Flywire

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