From Street to Chic

My only issue when traveling, is that I over pack. Let’s be honest, I’m all about fashion and I want my outfits to be comfortable, go with the weather, and match the scenery (hey, I want my pictures to look cute). On my last trip I went to Chicago, and for ONCE in my life I didn’t over pack. “How?!”, you must be asking yourself. The answer is taking few outfits that you can change from Day to Night, or Street to Chic.Snapseed

For my example, I will be using this striped Peter Nygard blouse and a pleated skirt from Express. (For the street style, I added a black velvet baseball cap.)


For a more Chic look, I took the baseball cap off, let my hair down, and put on a pair of pumps.


If you’re not running around town for the day, you can replace your sneakers with a cute pair of booties. You can have that street look with a hint of sophisticated.


If it’s Wine Wednesday, or if you’re going out for brunch with the girls you could easily change up this look. You could even throw on a pair of dark jeans, and a pair of cute flats if you plan on going to a museum on your trip. 

This is just an example of how you could turn this outfit into many more. If you do this with at least 3 outfits… imagine the room you’ll have on your travel bag for souvenirs.

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