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Gawd I love it heah! I've had an amazing amount of fun. I took this trip here with my mom, and I can honestly say I couldn't have picked anyone better. Let me just start by saying that this post won't just be about my outfits, but also my experience on this beautiful trip.

We started our Saturday morning by heading over to Faneuil Hall. A place for everyone! It has food, entertainment, and SHOPPING.

You know if I'm going to eat and walk around to eat some more…I not only want to look stylish, but I also want to feel comfortable. I opted for this floral print top, my favorite pair of jeans (cello), and put some gel insoles on my flats. I was ready to go.

No lie, Quincy Market was my absolute favorite. You know me, if there's something I love more than clothes is food (and family).

I love my STROS', but when in Boston a Red Sox game is a must! Plus, my favorite color is red. (Me and my beautiful mother opted for black with red as an accent color)

Let's just say, I was feelin' this outfit. Black faux leather jacket, T-shirt Dress, Chucks, and a Red Baseball Hat.

Let's go whale watching! This is one of those things that is on my 'things to do while I'm alive' list. I thought this outfit would be perfect. I was comfortable in my ripped jeans, t-shirt, a denim long sleeve blouse around my waist (that wasn't just nice to use to accessorize), and sneakers.

What I believe really pulled this outfit together was the small accessories such as, my heart shaped sunglasses, a small ring, and a thin necklace with the shape of Texas.

Something to know if you are traveling with me, I like to do things at the places I visit that I know I probably wouldn't do/be able to do at home. You know that saying, "When in Rome, battle lions"…is that not how it goes? Oh well, you get what I mean. Lol! Not only did I do something I have never done before, but I helped my mom face three of her fears in one trip.

Just look at how beautiful and happy she looks! You wouldn't be able to tell, that she would have never gotten on that boat would she have known it was going to the open sea. Lol! That was my bad, because I didn't know either. Until we got there.

If you hangout with me long enough, I will trick you into believing in yourself (Or something like that). – Me

I hope you enjoyed this blog post 😘


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