Fashion Nova Review

It’s fall!! You know what that means…all those beautiful colors that reminds us of nature. My favorite fall piece is a classic. What is it? You might ask. Jeans! Some people don’t think of denim as a classic piece, but they are. That is why for me it’s a must to find the right ones.

I have heard from many people to give Fashion Nova a try. To me it’s hard to find jeans that fit good all around. Most skinny jeans fit me too tight through at the calves to the point I feel like I’m suffocating, and others fit through my calves they just sag around my waist. I tried the ‘Keep it on the Hush’ jeans to see if they are everything people were saying they were. I was going to originally going to try their ‘classic’ jeans but they were sold out. Instead of giving me my money back they gave me store credit (which is something to take in consideration when ordering from them).

I ordered them a size down, because a lot of people wrote that they were very stretchy. I ordered a size 3, and I’m usually a 5. When I opened the box, my first thought was “oh s*it, this is not going to fit.” Then, something told me to try them on anyway. To my surprise, they went up my calves so fast! They fit like a glove. I might still order a size 5 next time to see the difference, but I cannot complain with the way these hug and not suffocate my legs.

So would I order from them again? Yes, but like I said know that if they don’t have what you ordered you will receive store credit instead of your money back. The jeans themselves make it worth it for me.

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