Let The Rain Kiss You

If you are from Houston, then you know our weather is unpredictable. That shouldn’t stop you from letting your style shine. I really enjoyed being in this photoshoot, because I’ve always to have one on a rainy day. That reminds me to thank the incredible team that helped me make it possible. My makeup artist Lisa Moreno founder of Touch of Artistry, and Jesse Soto creator of Jexse Studios (love y’all). Enough talk, let’s get to the outfit of that random rainy day.

To contrast the makeup done in violet, I opted to use it’s complimentary color (yellow/gold) on my top. I am using Victoria Beckham’s Bee button down shirt.

To add some more sophistication to the outfit, and help protect the shirt from the rain I threw on a black coat from Fashion Nova. Also, a black belt with gold accessories (H&M), and black booties to put it all together. There you have it! A super simple casual, “let’s get wings!” on a rainy day outfit.

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