American Hu$tle:Part II

Welcome to American Hu$tle: Part II, Let’s dive right in.

I started igniting my passion for fashion again, I decided to apply to all the schools in Texas offering a Major in Fashion Merchandising.

I only visited one university, and although it was beautiful it was not for me. The university I ended up choosing I had never been to, or even visited San Marcos. I just knew it had one of the best programs for that field from what I read online, and applied. I didn’t find out I was accepted until a few weeks from the semester starting. After that, everything happened so fast that I had to break the news to my parents as soon as found out.

Photography by Jesse Soto of Jexse Studios. 03/24/2018. Styled by Jenny Soto of JenStyleHou. Jacket: Forever 21, Romper: Romeo+Juliet Couture, Shoes: A New Day, Handbag: Sergio’s.

Me: Tengo menos de un mes para buscar apartamento.

Parents: Ja! Porque? (thinking I’m joking)

Me: Me aceptaron a la Universidad de Texas State

Parents: 😄😄😯😯🤗🤗

If you don’t know Spanish, I’m going to sum it up for you…I told my parents I had less than a month to look for an apartment, but when they found out why they helped me look for apartments in a place we didn’t know much about.

Two years later, I graduated with my B.S in Family and Consumers Science with a major in Fashion Merchandising. Something a first generation daughter of two people that came here with nothing but big dreams worked her ass for. Semesters of me having to work two jobs, night shifts, having two working parents, and even my brother putting in work so that I could make it happen.

My day job is working in the Oil and Gas business. Nowhere near where I thought I would be at this point in my life. When I found that most fashion companies were only offering me retail management positions, I knew that’s not what I wanted for me. I knew I belonged in a corporate setting. I still wanted to keep a part of my love for fashion alive, and I always loved writing.

That’s how the concept for JenStyleHou came to me. When I was in college I didn’t have money to buy all the clothes I wanted for the good job interviews, so I had to learn my closet. Also, learned how to make cheap look expensive. I hope to keep sharing my knowledge with you.

You’re probably thinking, “Is Part II the end?” Not even close. I’m just like many of you still working to get to do what I love and finding my way.

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