Astonish Yourself

Hey you, yes YOU!! You are an incredible human being, and don’t you forget that. In between all that hard work you are putting in, don’t lose yourself. I know there have been days that I don’t feel like doing the most. I’m like, “I’m just going grocery shopping, no one is going to see me anyways.” You too?

Well, stop THAT! It’s a slippery slope of not giving a fuck. Yea, it’s good not to care about some things, but it’s never ok to not give a fuck about yourself. Sorry for the explicit language, but it’s the best way I could word it. I noticed that recently to not draw attention to myself, I was dressing down.

As time passed, my mood and perception of myself started to dress down too. These pictures of me getting my car washed were the day I decided that I was not going to dress who I am as a person down. I don’t care if I’m going to take the trash out in PJ’s, I’m going to look like a bad ass doing it. There is no better outfit than confidence, and as much as “anti-fashion” people hate it, fashion says a lot about you to the world. What you wear is self expression (even your confidence).

Even being “anti-fashion” is a fashion. In order to not look trendy, they make sure that what they wear is not trending. That makes their choice of clothing express what they feel, and without knowing are participating in fashion. Think about that the next time you want to give up on yourself, and try using that as an excuse.

Give it a try, and you might astonish yourself. You can always start small for example trading sweats for denim? As for me, I’m going to dress up my work wardrobe next. Feel free to comment below for any questions, or topics you would like for me to discuss next.



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