Festival Lights✨

If you read my blog post about Coachella than you have a clue on what to expect, and should know by now that stilettos aren’t considered dancing shoes on a field. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress cute, because you shouldn’t sacrifice style for comfort. Plus, sometimes the fact that music festivals are a judgment free zone gives you the liberty to express yourself through fashion. Below are some ideas on how you can mix fashion with comfort for those fun nights.

Layer Up

Depending on what festival attending make sure you’re ready for what the day throws at you. Whatever the weather might be like you want to be covered, so nothing will get in the way of you enjoying your lineup. For Alexandra’s look, I used a bralette I hand beaded (will show details soon), shorts, light weight long sleeve (that can be tied around waist when not being used), distressed denim shorts, and boots (these doc’s are stylish and will help you in case there’s muddy ground).

Express Yourself

Have fun with your festival outfits. Whether you want to be an EDM mermaid, or rock goddess this is your chance to be who you want to be. Let your imagination run wild. The white shorts on Dia are actually plain white mesh shorts that I paired with some fun metallic rainbow shorts underneath to tie in the mermaid festival look (found on Amazon).

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