Savage X Fenty Review

The votes are in, and a lot of you voted on my IG stories that you wanted a review on the items I purchased from Savage X Fenty. If you haven’t heard, Rihanna came out with an online lingerie line that is taking the lingerie business by storm. I don’t know if any of you have had the chance to watch the Fashion Show on Amazon Prime yet, but if you haven’t do it now.

I was always curious when seeing the ads of how the lingerie would look on, or in person I just never pulled the trigger. After watching the fashion show, I knew I had to try it. First off you might think, “how does it work?”. Well, Savage X works like other online membership stores like Just Fab, Fabletics, Shoe Dazzle, etc. You sign up for a membership, and pay a monthly fee. That monthly fee is a credit that you can apply to your purchases, and if you don’t want to buy anything that month you can skip the month. You can also cancel it anytime.

When ordering online I always make sure to look at the sizing chart. For bras, I always take my own measurements to make sure that they’ll fit. What I didn’t do was, read the reviews where some people thought the underwear ran a little small. I had already placed my order, so I thought “f*ck it! If they don’t fit I’ll just get the next ones one size up.” I think for the most part they are true to size. I usually wear a medium, and at first you might think they’re a little snug, but the fabric is stretchy so once you wear them they’ll fit fine. I recently just ordered some in a large to see the sizing difference, so I’ll update this post when I find that out.

Savage X Fenty Underwear

What I LOVE about the underwear is that, once you remove the tags inside the underwear (I like that even the tags say they are supposed to be removed) they are not only comfortable, but very sexy!! Which is rare for me to say. Especially, if you’ve read my last blog post you would know I was not feeling myself like that. When I put this underwear on, I feel like one of the models from the show *flips hair*.

Top: Unlined Leopard Print Bra
Bottom: Strapless Bra

Now to my favorite part, the bras!! Omg these bras are amazing. I used to always dream of feeling free, and going braless. The only thing stopping me was gravity, but this unlined bra from Savage X will make give you that no bra feel!! It is my favorite, and I have ordered more. There is no padding but I got the underwire there for the support I need. Bras are true to size.

I wanted to show you all the details on the strapless bra. It comes with grip on the sides to make sure your bra isn’t sliding down every time you move, and the back comes with four hooks. This strapless bra is a game changer, for anyone who struggles with keeping theirs up. It also comes with removable straps in case you needed extra support.

I hope you found this review helpful, and if you have any questions please feel free to comment.

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