As you will get to know me throughout my posts, you’ll see that I love to write about many things. Even though fashion is where my inspiration for this blog came from, this is a place I write about all my journeys and adventures. Places I’ve traveled, road trips, music festival tips, ghost hunting stories, and even personal talks. It’s all of the people, and paths that I’ve taken that make me, ME. I hope you’re ready, because through my writing I am taking you with me.


My love for fashion came as a little girl. In the times I would sit on our apartment kitchen floor, cutting my mom’s old t-shirts to make dresses for my dolls as she cooked dinner. I would tell my parents how I would be a designer one day, and be able to make pretty dresses. They never shot my dreams down. As I was growing up, I let other people influence me to not focus on my dream, to think of “back up plans”, or “actual careers”. The day I decided to pursue fashion one last time, I was two years deep in college for a major I did not want, and my dad was driving as I told him crying “This isn’t what I want”. He said, “What DO you want? Do THAT.”Now, I have graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Family Consumer Science with a major in Fashion Merchandising. I haven’t quit my day job, but here I am living my dream through this blog right now. No one is paying me for this. I do it quite simply, because it’s my passion.


It all started on a street called Sherwood Lane in Houston, Texas. I’ve always been a city girl with big dreams. I plan on being successful, but I never want to forget where I came from.


I dedicate this blog to God and Mi Familia. Thank you for believing in me, and supporting me no matter what I choose to do with my life. There would be no me without you.