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Haciendo Lo Mas

Este es la primera ves que escribo en mi blog completamente en español. ¿Por qué? Por que aunque mi primer idioma es el español, tantos años en la escuela enfocándome en otro idioma hizo que la manera que yo escriba en español no sea tal vez la más correcta. Hoy decidí que no voy a dejar que eso me pare de lo que quiero lograr. Entonces ay le vamos.

En la moda ay muchas tendencias. Si no sabes que son tendencias, tendencias son cosas que van y vienen. No duran mucho y muchas de las veces si no lo compras pronto estarán fuera de moda cuando las tengas. Esto no significa que no puedas seguirlas. Hoy voy hablar de como podrás seguir tendencias sin tener que quebrar tu banco. Te darás cuenta que tal vez no tengas que ni comprar nada.

No. 1

El Esmalte es una tendencia que no es nueva pero la puedes usar a tu beneficio. Por ejemplo, el color de el 2018 es Ultra Violeta. Si no tienes algo en tu armario en Ultra Violeta, no hay problema. Encuentra tu esmalte favorito en color Violeta (o un color parecido) y lista.


Usa toques del color en tendencia (como platicamos en No. 1) con su color complementario. El color complementario del Ultra Violeta es el color Amarillo. No tiene que ser exactamente amarillo, pero si tiene que dar con el tono de violeta que estarás utilizando. En las fotos veras que tengo puesta una blusa como un color amarillo casi oro que tiene unas flores en color violeta. Los diseñadores de esta blusa utilizaron los colores  juntos por que son colores complementarios.


El tercer y ultimo tip que les voy a dar para usar el color en tendencia, es utilizar el maquillaje. El maquillaje es otra manera de que pudieras hacer resaltar la ropa que tengas puesta. Cuando usas los colores adecuados puedes ir de andar básica a luciendo a lo mas. En esta foto estoy utilizando un pinta labio en el color “Matte Glam” de Milani con un brillo violeta de Urban Decay. Los labios resaltan, pero también no le quitan la vista a la blusa. Así funcionan los colores complementarios.

Muchas gracias por leer mi blog. Se les quiere mucho, dios me los bendiga. Si les gusto, denle like,subscribanse, compartan y comenten lo que quieran que yo cubra en el futuro. If you would like to read this blog post in a different language this site has google translate.

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American Hu$tle: Part I


Hi all of you beautiful (smart, talented, creative, innovative) hustlers,

This post is dedicated to my high school freshman year self, and to all of you trying to keep your passions alive aside from our everyday work life. The jacket that I’m wearing in this photoshoot is very meaningful to me. I have had this jacket since my high school freshman year (which is a long time ago). I have parted ways with almost everything from then except this jacket, and for a very important reason.IMG_9784

As an ice breaker in my history class, the teacher asked us to stand up, say our names, and what we wanted to be when we graduated . I was wearing this jacket when I proudly stood up, and said “I want to be a fashion designer”. Only difference is then, I was wearing this jacket with a Billabong shirt, ripped jeans, and converse.

A lot of people throughout my youth persuaded me to take other routes. A more safe route, but fashion was always in my heart and it never left. Everything I would learn I would compare to something that dealt with that industry/business so I could retain the information in a way I understood it.

Jacket: A’GACI (Circa 2004), Romper: Romeo + Juliet Couture, Shoes: Forever 21. Photo: Jexse Studios 03.24.2018

Fast forward to college, I was pursuing a career that was interesting, but not something that really made me feel passionate. I was getting nowhere close to deciding my major, and decided to go to a smaller community college. I am very blessed to have my supportive family, for not thinking I was crazy for leaving a big university to try to find myself.

Once at the community college I started taking random classes, and if it didn’t sound like it was calling my name, I wasn’t going to take it (except my basics, because you need those lol). That is how I stumbled upon, Theatre-Intro to Costume Design. The class that ignited that passion again. The one that reminded me of that girl standing in class saying she wanted to be a fashion designer. (To be continued…)

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Happy Valentines Day!! 💕

I know some of you are going to be very busy tonight. As for me, I will be at church reading, because this year Valentine’s Day is also Ash Wednesday. Whether you are going out, or staying in you deserve to feel like a queen/king (guys, you too deserve to feel loved) today. That is why I’m here for YOU/HOU. This isn’t just a fashion blog it’s a lifestyle blog. If you read my ‘about me’ then you know it all starts with Jen (me/an actual person), and I care about YOU. I care about my clients, and it helps me discover your sense of style.

I’m sure you were expecting another picture of me, but this is Lisa. She knew that she wanted to wear this beautiful top from New York and Company, but she needed help with putting an outfit together. As soon as I saw the top, I thought of Christian Dior one of the masters in delicate, and beautiful feminine designs. I also took Lisa’s personality to consideration, because she is not delicate. In fact, she is fierce.

That spirit of hers triggered the Yves Saint Laurent inspiration in me, and that is why I decided to add some black to add contrast. That is what makes this outfit, Parisian classic meets modern day chic. **Bonus tip: tucking in the top and adding a belt defines the waistline. Raising up the skirt to the waistline also makes legs appear longer. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Now, I am giving you the same opportunity as Lisa. If you need help putting an outfit together whether it’s from scratch, or using something you already have comment on here/FB/instagram with what you would like to incorporate and I will give you some ideas.


Thank you Lisa for allowing me to style you for the Galentine’s Party. Also, big shout out to Jexse Studios for the Photography and Alchemy Salon Houston for the hair style for Lisa.

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Romance Is Key


Hi Everyone,

I hope that you have been staying warm and safe these past few days. I know that not just in Houston/Texas, but other states in the country we have been hit with this cold weather. Can’t go out to the MFAH, because it has been closed due to weather? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Get yourself some hot chocolate, and maybe some pan dulce as I take you on a tour of “The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta” exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This exhibit runs from Oct. 8th, 2017- Jan 28th, 2018. Hopefully, you will still be able to see this beautiful exhibition in person. I chose my favorite pieces for this article, and narrating it through my perspective. Enjoy!


Nothing shows people the art of fashion like, Couture. Couture is art. It is something beautifully crafted for a purpose, and with a vision in mind. When you see this collection, the first place in your mind is supposed to be Spain. I think of a matador waiting to make a move on the bull, and the woman wearing this dress is patiently waiting to take on the world. Calm on the outside, but full of passion on the inside.


If there’s anything that can make me hand my card over like a business card, it’s a beautiful dress with a dramatic back. If I could get married in this dress, I would do it in a heartbeat. It has that feel of the Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina in the 1950’s but with a little modern twist. You can just picture yourself wearing this to a Gala.


There’s only a few words I can speak in Russian, but this collection makes me wish I could speak it fluently. The beauty and elegance shown in these pieces just took my breath away. The dress all the way to the right is actually a wedding gown someone used. On this cold Houston day, I could sure use one of these beautiful coats. This was by far my favorite collection as a whole.


I love how Oscar de la Renta designed his clothes. He always had the women he designed these dresses for in mind during the whole design process. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s wearable. That is so rare for couture. That is why Oscar de la Renta is up there to me with Yves Saint Laurent.


Belle romance! Although the Russian inspired collection was my favorite, there were many of his couture designs that took my breathe away. For instance, this French inspired dress that Kirsten Dunst wore on an editorial photoshoot for Vogue to promote the Marie Antoinette movie. The details on this dress and its delicateness are EVERYTHING.


Rest In Peace Oscar de la Renta, in fashion heaven (07/22/1932- 10/20/2014). I will end this article by giving the biggest shout out to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston for hosting this exhibit. The pictures for this blog were a collaboration between Jexse Studios and myself. I will be posting more fun pictures, and random facts about Oscar de la Renta on my IG and FB pages throughout the week, so please be sure to follow @jenstylehou.


Jenny Soto

Let JenStyleHou!


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Gawd I love it heah! I've had an amazing amount of fun. I took this trip here with my mom, and I can honestly say I couldn't have picked anyone better. Let me just start by saying that this post won't just be about my outfits, but also my experience on this beautiful trip.

We started our Saturday morning by heading over to Faneuil Hall. A place for everyone! It has food, entertainment, and SHOPPING.

You know if I'm going to eat and walk around to eat some more…I not only want to look stylish, but I also want to feel comfortable. I opted for this floral print top, my favorite pair of jeans (cello), and put some gel insoles on my flats. I was ready to go.

No lie, Quincy Market was my absolute favorite. You know me, if there's something I love more than clothes is food (and family).

I love my STROS', but when in Boston a Red Sox game is a must! Plus, my favorite color is red. (Me and my beautiful mother opted for black with red as an accent color)

Let's just say, I was feelin' this outfit. Black faux leather jacket, T-shirt Dress, Chucks, and a Red Baseball Hat.

Let's go whale watching! This is one of those things that is on my 'things to do while I'm alive' list. I thought this outfit would be perfect. I was comfortable in my ripped jeans, t-shirt, a denim long sleeve blouse around my waist (that wasn't just nice to use to accessorize), and sneakers.

What I believe really pulled this outfit together was the small accessories such as, my heart shaped sunglasses, a small ring, and a thin necklace with the shape of Texas.

Something to know if you are traveling with me, I like to do things at the places I visit that I know I probably wouldn't do/be able to do at home. You know that saying, "When in Rome, battle lions"…is that not how it goes? Oh well, you get what I mean. Lol! Not only did I do something I have never done before, but I helped my mom face three of her fears in one trip.

Just look at how beautiful and happy she looks! You wouldn't be able to tell, that she would have never gotten on that boat would she have known it was going to the open sea. Lol! That was my bad, because I didn't know either. Until we got there.

If you hangout with me long enough, I will trick you into believing in yourself (Or something like that). – Me

I hope you enjoyed this blog post 😘


The Models Lab Fashion Show

This past weekend I had the honor of attending TML’s fashion show in the Galleria. It was a really well organized fashion event in comparison to others I have attended. Let’s start off from the red carpet.

I stepped away from the usual all black at a fashion shows (There’s nothing wrong with wearing all black). Even though my favorite color is red, I have really been digging this blue and orange combo lately. Something about this color combination makes me feel good, so I’m running with it.

My picks of the night:

The fashion show started with evening gowns that could be also worn as prom dresses. Girls it’s May, and if you haven’t started looking for prom dresses I would suggest to start soon. Take it from someone who worked with Prom dress events. The longer the wait, the less options you’ll end up with. The one above can be found at Macy’s.

Florals are always in season. I could even see this look worn with a choker.

This outfit from TOPSHOP had me reminiscing on clueless, and I just wanted to be able to wear it as soon as possible.

The outfit that fed my edgy needs. Loved this combination of black patent leather and a crisp white top.

I always say I think I should have been born in the 70s, and this dress with a vest would make that dream a reality.

My list pick of the night was this dress. It honestly surprised me that I liked it so much since it’s really not my style, but I can recognize something beautiful/unique when I see it. This dress is by IsreL Fonseca.


Glittery Veins, Rebel Heart

This past weekend I received something I was anticipating for since the day I knew it would launch. Before I had my website , I mentioned on a blog that I couldn’t wait for Victoria Beckham x Target’s line to launch. It finally did and here is one of my favorite pieces.

This dress is called, the ‘Black Embellished Bug Dress’.

As you can see the detail on this dress is beautiful. It definitely gives you that high fashion feel when you look at it, and when you’re wearing it.

Have to run in a hurry? Maybe, because you’re breaking some rules? No problem! This is a dress you can turn from night to day, or day to night. Throw on your favorite pair of heels or sneakers to give this dress a versatile look. Overall, there is so much potential with this dress. It has the just the right enough amount of sparkle, and still has that little high fashion edge.