The Models Lab Fashion Show

This past weekend I had the honor of attending TML’s fashion show in the Galleria. It was a really well organized fashion event in comparison to others I have attended. Let’s start off from the red carpet.

I stepped away from the usual all black at a fashion shows (There’s nothing wrong with wearing all black). Even though my favorite color is red, I have really been digging this blue and orange combo lately. Something about this color combination makes me feel good, so I’m running with it.

My picks of the night:

The fashion show started with evening gowns that could be also worn as prom dresses. Girls it’s May, and if you haven’t started looking for prom dresses I would suggest to start soon. Take it from someone who worked with Prom dress events. The longer the wait, the less options you’ll end up with. The one above can be found at Macy’s.

Florals are always in season. I could even see this look worn with a choker.

This outfit from TOPSHOP had me reminiscing on clueless, and I just wanted to be able to wear it as soon as possible.

The outfit that fed my edgy needs. Loved this combination of black patent leather and a crisp white top.

I always say I think I should have been born in the 70s, and this dress with a vest would make that dream a reality.

My list pick of the night was this dress. It honestly surprised me that I liked it so much since it’s really not my style, but I can recognize something beautiful/unique when I see it. This dress is by IsreL Fonseca.


Glittery Veins, Rebel Heart

This past weekend I received something I was anticipating for since the day I knew it would launch. Before I had my website , I mentioned on a blog that I couldn’t wait for Victoria Beckham x Target’s line to launch. It finally did and here is one of my favorite pieces.

This dress is called, the ‘Black Embellished Bug Dress’.

As you can see the detail on this dress is beautiful. It definitely gives you that high fashion feel when you look at it, and when you’re wearing it.

Have to run in a hurry? Maybe, because you’re breaking some rules? No problem! This is a dress you can turn from night to day, or day to night. Throw on your favorite pair of heels or sneakers to give this dress a versatile look. Overall, there is so much potential with this dress. It has the just the right enough amount of sparkle, and still has that little high fashion edge.

Fashion, Fashion 101

Just Bloom 🌼

Spring is a beautiful time of the year. Filled with beautiful colors, and if you followed my tumblr before then, you know I love playing with colors. If you don’t know how to play with colors in your wardrobe don’t worry, because I’ll be doing some color education blog posts later. One of the safest routes you can go is by starting with complementary colors. In the case of this outfit, yellow and purple.

The yellow top is balanced by the purple in the shoes, so it’s a look that draws attention from top to bottom. If on the other hand, I was only wearing the yellow shirt all of the attention would be at the top. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to incorporate color to your outfits this spring.


It Starts With Me

I have always felt like my fashion soul is from another time. What time, you might ask? The 70’s. I LOVE the block style heels, the pop of bold colors, the makeup, the hair, the music, and to keep it short I pretty much love ALL of it. This post as you can tell was very much inspired by that time with a little modern twist. I used an orange poppy color dress using blue on my eyeshadow, and nails for a little complimentary color play. I got inspired by my beautiful hometowns baseball colors. “GO ASTROS!