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Happy Valentines Day!! 💕

I know some of you are going to be very busy tonight. As for me, I will be at church reading, because this year Valentine’s Day is also Ash Wednesday. Whether you are going out, or staying in you deserve to feel like a queen/king (guys, you too deserve to feel loved) today. That is why I’m here for YOU/HOU. This isn’t just a fashion blog it’s a lifestyle blog. If you read my ‘about me’ then you know it all starts with Jen (me/an actual person), and I care about YOU. I care about my clients, and it helps me discover your sense of style.

I’m sure you were expecting another picture of me, but this is Lisa. She knew that she wanted to wear this beautiful top from New York and Company, but she needed help with putting an outfit together. As soon as I saw the top, I thought of Christian Dior one of the masters in delicate, and beautiful feminine designs. I also took Lisa’s personality to consideration, because she is not delicate. In fact, she is fierce.

That spirit of hers triggered the Yves Saint Laurent inspiration in me, and that is why I decided to add some black to add contrast. That is what makes this outfit, Parisian classic meets modern day chic. **Bonus tip: tucking in the top and adding a belt defines the waistline. Raising up the skirt to the waistline also makes legs appear longer. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Now, I am giving you the same opportunity as Lisa. If you need help putting an outfit together whether it’s from scratch, or using something you already have comment on here/FB/instagram with what you would like to incorporate and I will give you some ideas.


Thank you Lisa for allowing me to style you for the Galentine’s Party. Also, big shout out to Jexse Studios for the Photography and Alchemy Salon Houston for the hair style for Lisa.

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Romance Is Key


Hi Everyone,

I hope that you have been staying warm and safe these past few days. I know that not just in Houston/Texas, but other states in the country we have been hit with this cold weather. Can’t go out to the MFAH, because it has been closed due to weather? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Get yourself some hot chocolate, and maybe some pan dulce as I take you on a tour of “The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta” exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This exhibit runs from Oct. 8th, 2017- Jan 28th, 2018. Hopefully, you will still be able to see this beautiful exhibition in person. I chose my favorite pieces for this article, and narrating it through my perspective. Enjoy!


Nothing shows people the art of fashion like, Couture. Couture is art. It is something beautifully crafted for a purpose, and with a vision in mind. When you see this collection, the first place in your mind is supposed to be Spain. I think of a matador waiting to make a move on the bull, and the woman wearing this dress is patiently waiting to take on the world. Calm on the outside, but full of passion on the inside.


If there’s anything that can make me hand my card over like a business card, it’s a beautiful dress with a dramatic back. If I could get married in this dress, I would do it in a heartbeat. It has that feel of the Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina in the 1950’s but with a little modern twist. You can just picture yourself wearing this to a Gala.


There’s only a few words I can speak in Russian, but this collection makes me wish I could speak it fluently. The beauty and elegance shown in these pieces just took my breath away. The dress all the way to the right is actually a wedding gown someone used. On this cold Houston day, I could sure use one of these beautiful coats. This was by far my favorite collection as a whole.


I love how Oscar de la Renta designed his clothes. He always had the women he designed these dresses for in mind during the whole design process. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s wearable. That is so rare for couture. That is why Oscar de la Renta is up there to me with Yves Saint Laurent.


Belle romance! Although the Russian inspired collection was my favorite, there were many of his couture designs that took my breathe away. For instance, this French inspired dress that Kirsten Dunst wore on an editorial photoshoot for Vogue to promote the Marie Antoinette movie. The details on this dress and its delicateness are EVERYTHING.


Rest In Peace Oscar de la Renta, in fashion heaven (07/22/1932- 10/20/2014). I will end this article by giving the biggest shout out to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston for hosting this exhibit. The pictures for this blog were a collaboration between Jexse Studios and myself. I will be posting more fun pictures, and random facts about Oscar de la Renta on my IG and FB pages throughout the week, so please be sure to follow @jenstylehou.


Jenny Soto

Let JenStyleHou!



Let The Rain Kiss You

If you are from Houston, then you know our weather is unpredictable. That shouldn’t stop you from letting your style shine. I really enjoyed being in this photoshoot, because I’ve always to have one on a rainy day. That reminds me to thank the incredible team that helped me make it possible. My makeup artist Lisa Moreno founder of Touch of Artistry, and Jesse Soto creator of Jexse Studios (love y’all). Enough talk, let’s get to the outfit of that random rainy day.

To contrast the makeup done in violet, I opted to use it’s complimentary color (yellow/gold) on my top. I am using Victoria Beckham’s Bee button down shirt.

To add some more sophistication to the outfit, and help protect the shirt from the rain I threw on a black coat from Fashion Nova. Also, a black belt with gold accessories (H&M), and black booties to put it all together. There you have it! A super simple casual, “let’s get wings!” on a rainy day outfit.


Spice Up Your Life 2018

If you have read some of my blogs, or follow me on social media you might know by now that my favorite color is red. All shades and tones of it. I have always been attracted to red. The new year is coming up, and in Hispanic traditions (maybe not all, comment if yours are different) if you want luck finding a boo thang in the coming year…you better start the year by wearing red calzones (undies). I haven’t done this tradition yet. (might be why I haven’t found one, so I’ll let you know if it works this year. Ha!)

“Red. Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.”

I have this beautiful red coat, and the weather in Houston is finally giving me a chance to wear it. This is a good way to make a fashion statement in a simple way. I wore an all black dress, black tights, and black over-the-knee boots with my red coat. I also threw in a red scarf, because it added a little more sophistication to the outfit (and bronchitis sucks). If red undies are supposed to help bring you love in the New Year…can you imagine what a red COAT will do?!!!

What better way to welcome the new year than with a bold color that has so much meaning. It is romantic yet, powerful.

Spice up your 2018 a little with a little bit of red. I hope you had a great Christmas and wish you the best this upcoming year 😘


Special thanks to Jexse Studios for the photography on today’s posts. Also, the beautiful houses of River Oaks.


DIFF eyewear review

Today I opened my package, and at first I was a little nervous. I just became an ambassador for DIFF, and as a blogger (and as your friend) I want to make sure that anything I promote to you is worth your money. That is why I wanted to do a review of the eyewear.

I ordered two different styles. Top: Daisy sunglasses in Antique Gold Tortoise with Green Polarized lenses ($85.00). Bottom: Becky sunglasses in Black with Flash Grey Gradient lenses ($85.00). Yes, $85.00 might still seem a little high, but there are two reasons I believe they are worth it. For one, the quality is great! The most important reason, you are not only being stylish by wearing these, but you are also helping a good cause.

The video above is me is opening my order. Take a look for yourself of what they look like. I can’t wait to order more from them. You can shop with the link below: DIFF eyewear


Vibrant Hues

I like to find beauty everywhere, and this time it was at a flea market. As I was walking through, everything looked in tones of grey. That is, until I ran to this booth that caught my attention.

I walked in to a booth full of vibrant hues, and I thought it took me to another place. I was in a world full of life and color. If you love anything that stands out, and has that authentic feel these are the hidden gems you need.

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? -Frida Kahlo

I dare you to go find pieces to your wardrobe from places you discover along the way. Get lost and see what calls your name.

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Instead, wear it around your neck with a edgy and artsy statement necklace like this one.

I found all these beautiful fashion pieces at a flea market in Houston, Texas in Jersey Village called Traders Village. I hope you enjoyed this post.


Fashion Nova Review

It’s fall!! You know what that means…all those beautiful colors that reminds us of nature. My favorite fall piece is a classic. What is it? You might ask. Jeans! Some people don’t think of denim as a classic piece, but they are. That is why for me it’s a must to find the right ones.

I have heard from many people to give Fashion Nova a try. To me it’s hard to find jeans that fit good all around. Most skinny jeans fit me too tight through at the calves to the point I feel like I’m suffocating, and others fit through my calves they just sag around my waist. I tried the ‘Keep it on the Hush’ jeans to see if they are everything people were saying they were. I was going to originally going to try their ‘classic’ jeans but they were sold out. Instead of giving me my money back they gave me store credit (which is something to take in consideration when ordering from them).

I ordered them a size down, because a lot of people wrote that they were very stretchy. I ordered a size 3, and I’m usually a 5. When I opened the box, my first thought was “oh s*it, this is not going to fit.” Then, something told me to try them on anyway. To my surprise, they went up my calves so fast! They fit like a glove. I might still order a size 5 next time to see the difference, but I cannot complain with the way these hug and not suffocate my legs.

So would I order from them again? Yes, but like I said know that if they don’t have what you ordered you will receive store credit instead of your money back. The jeans themselves make it worth it for me.